Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Get to Know Your Body Language

As we all should know body language plays a big part in attracting potential mates and it has been with us even from the primitive days. So how can you stand above the crowd and get the females to notice you.

1. Stand Confidently
Make sure your feet are wider apart than normal when you walk as it will improve your balance and will stop you moving around as much. This is because you don’t have to shift weight from foot to foot. Doing this will make you look more confident and assured instead of nervous and unsure of yourself. Making sure you seem confident and have a straight posture is good especially when around women. It will make them feel confident around you as subconsciously you are saying you can look after them and you have no problems.
2. 60% Eye Contact
Research has shown that looking into a woman’s eyes 60% of the time can improve her attraction to you. Apparently it produces a hormone called phenylethylamine, which is the pleasure chemical primarily responsible for love and attraction. A good way to tell if you are making enough eye contact is to try and remember what her eye colour is after the encounter. When eye contact is given over a period of time it will make her feel more comfortable around you and more familiar as it is also a signal for trust. Making this connection is vital but don’t overdo it or she will feel uneasy because it will look as though you are trying to intimidate her.
Tilt your head to the right when she’s talking. German scientists discovered that it will make you look more caring and genuinely interested in what she is saying, which she will find very attractive.
3. Watch your Facial Expressions
Being aware of facial gestures in a flirtatious conversation with the opposite sex is important as gestures and facial expressions show invitation and interest. A common flirtatious facial expression is the eyebrow raise. This expression is obvious for attraction as it draws attention to the male just like a peacock will flaunt its feathers by looking bigger. The shocked face look is not what we are after just a small raise to show interest.
Lip licking will clearly convey a message to the woman that you are interested. It’s a very sexy and overt way of flirting If not overdone. It will attract attention to your lips which will make her subconsciously think about kissing you. We are just talking about a slow swipe along your lips with the tip of your tongue, just enough to grant some attention.
4. Lean Towards Her
This gesture will show interest, liking and acceptance. The most common form is leaning forward if she was sitting at opposite end of a table i.e. in a restaurant or cafĂ©. It shows that you feel comfortable and want to share space with them or be close to them. This shows that you’re attracted to her and you are ok with sharing space. On the other hand if you are leaning away it shows you are not bothered by what she is saying and show a sense of arrogance which she won’t appreciate.
5. Finally… Smile :)
It’s Possible to alter your attraction to the opposite sex simply by gazing and smiling at them. A study including hundreds of volunteers showed that averting your eyes even a fraction to the right can decrease attraction. One of the tests included a woman looking directly into the camera while another only looking marginally to the left or right. The difference was so small it wasn’t immediately obvious to the viewer. When men were asked to rate attractiveness some results were eight fold to the woman looking directly into the camera.
People prefer faces that seem to “Like” them, proving that physical attraction is not just about beauty. So smile as it will make people like you more and you will seem more attractive.
Never fake a smile though as many people can suss it out by your facial expressions.
This is because only certain muscles are used when producing a genuine smile and only your mouth is used for a fake, so keep it genuine at all times, try to think of something funny or a good moment beforehand.

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