Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Easy Weight Loss Tips!

Use these tips to help you shed that extra weight you have been carrying around.
Sleep your fat off
An adult body needs around 8 hours sleep a night to be efficient at burning body weight. A study has shown that people who get less than 8 hours sleep a night are much more likely to be overweight. Giving you time to rest means the mind can process the events for the day and physically rejuvenate, meaning you will lose weight.

Eat to lose
Many people want to consume as much as they want while fulfilling their hunger while dropping their calorie intake. It’s very simple; all you have to do is choose foods with fewer calories per gram than the standard. Try having fruit, they contain a low amount of calories per gram and are also very good for you.

Before and After Pics
This is more of a motivational thing than anything else. If you take before pics and post them somewhere and see the response and then show the after pics, people may be amazed and hey, even you should be proud with your new image. This tactic could be the motivation you need.

Walk the Walk and … Burn the fat
Knowing how much you walk is firstly a good thing. You should look at getting a Omron Walking Style II Pedometer
. These things will help you keep track of your daily activities. Try and do extra things like walk the dog or walk to your shop instead of taking the car. All these things will add up.

Set Goals
Look at what you want your ideal weight to be and don’t stop. Make sure you break it down into weekly tasks like lose 2 pounds. Make it realistic though and make the goals feel very personal, as though you’re the only one going for it. At the end of the week write a review on how you did and what you could have done better for your weight loss. You will thank me later.

Have a Treat Day
There is no point in having goals to lose weight if you don’t enjoy the process. Have a so called ‘Treat Day’ at the end of every week to show that you are being rewarded for you efforts. In this day maybe have a cake for dessert but don’t overdo it, we don’t want to diminish your efforts.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Toppling Bowel Cancer Tips

Bowel cancer also known as colon cancer or colorectal cancer is cancer, it consists of cancer growth in the appendix, colon and rectum. It is the cause of 655,000 deaths worldwide; it’s a very common form of cancer and is the third highest cancer related deaths in the west world. Don’t fret though there are ways to prevent it from happening by using these tips.

Look at family history

It’s wise to find out whether any of your family has it as them having it will greatly increase your chances of getting it. Even having any form of cancer in your family may put you at greater risk, you would be best telling your doctor about it.

Quit Smoking and Drinking

These two are probably the worst contributors to many health related illnesses. Studies show that people who heavily drink and smoke often are much more prone to getting bowel cancer. Try and avoid the beers and spirits as they will do the most damage.

Watch Your Weight

Its known overweight men are more likely to get bowel cancer than overweight women, as well as certain body types being more prone. Even being fit and overweight will still leave you at risk.

Keep fit and healthy

Exercise gets you moving and also triggers peristalsis, a muscular contraction that gets the waste moving in your body by doing wave like movements. This is good because the longer you have waste in your colon; the more time toxic materials have to go into your tissue. Also research has shown exercise to reduce your risk by 40% and also reduce the risk of other factors.

Over 50 Risk

Over 90% of all people diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 50 with the average being 64. This means as you get older you need to be more aware of the issue, the best way to prevent it early on is to get a screening, with many over 60’s getting a free one.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

10 Body Odour Facts

Body odour is a vital function of the body and helped use survive during the caveman days. Here are 10 facts on body odour:
1. Men’s Body Odour is a Turn-on for Women.
Body Odour has been found by researchers to contain a compound that causes emotional and physiological changes in women. The chemical called androstadienone is a male chemical released in sweat. It is also released after a run where it’s released in post run perspiration. The chemical spikes her arousal and releases a hormone which stimulates ovulation. The underarm odour also improves her mood, increases her cortisol and will increase sexual arousal.
2. Sweat doesn’t smell
The body odour you produce doesn’t directly come from sweat as sweat is odourless. There are two types of sweat your body produces these are eccrine sweat and apocrine sweat. The eccrine sweat is the clear sweat that consists mostly of water and is used to regulate body temperature. The apocrine sweat is produced from the onset of puberty, it’s produced in the glands and is much thicker and is located in the groin area and underarms. The sweat is just a good environment for bacteria on the skin to thrive and duplicate, it doesn’t actually produce an odour.
3. Body odour can indicate a Health Problem
People have their own individual body odour and it’s possible to tell if there is something wrong with you by that smell. Its know that if you have a fruity body odour it may indicate you have diabetes and if you have a bleachy smell it can be related to a kidney or liver disease.
4. Less Body Odour for Asians
East Asian people have smaller apocrine glands and less hair follicle where the sweat is collected. It’s more of a problem for European and African people.
5. Your Body Odour is Unique
Body Odour for people is linked to their genes which is different for each and every person. Even if you eat lots of strong spicy foods it won’t matter you will still be able to trace your specific odour.
6. Children don’t produce Body Odour
The apocrine gland only comes into use when children enter puberty around 9-14 and this is the type of sweat that gives off the odour. When the child enters puberty the androgen hormone comes into use and actives the sweat glands that make the odour.
7. Women Can Sense Body Odour Easier
It’s known that women can sense body odour easier and they are more sensitive to the quality and difference in smell. Women can recognise a body odour even if it’s masked by antiperspirant. They have such a good smell because of its evolutionary importance, one of them being that they can tell who their babies are by their smell.
8. Men and Womens Odour Smell Differently
Mens sweat contains high levels of fatty acid which gives off the smell of cheese when mixed with the bacteria from under the arm. For women their sweat contains higher levels of sulphur, and when mixed with the bacteria from sweat creates thiol that has the smell of an onion.
9. Humans are Chosen Sexually by their Odour
Body odour is a significantly important factor for humans to choose a mate as it signals your sexual attraction. This is because we are attracted to people with different immune systems to our own, meaning that their off spring will have a better chance of survival due to the diverse immune system.
10. Body Odour Hints Your Diet
It’s easy to trace foods that are spicy as they consist of compounds that will remain in sweat. Foods like garlic, onion, curry and cumin are some common ones. The body odour would only be produced if you ate large amounts of these foods; they can sometimes stay in the system for longer than 24 hours.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Simple Tips to Healthily Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced in the testes by males and ovaries in women; it’s responsible for the development for sexual secondary characteristics. There are many benefits of having higher testosterone levels.
- Increased Muscle Mass and Strength
- Improved Sex Drive and Sexual Endurance
- Decreased Body Fat Levels
- Improved Mood
- Lower Levels of ‘Bad’ Cholesterol Levels

Below are some simple steps to see the benefits:
. Make Sure You get enough sleep at night. Not enough sleep leads to increased cortisol levels which lower testosterone levels and bring about negative effects.
. Compound exercises are extremely productive in increasing testosterone levels. These are the very simple exercises such as Squats, Dead lifts, Chin ups, military presses and bench presses. These types of exercises will put your body under the largest amount of stress and uses some of the largest muscles groups, thereby telling the body to increase testosterone production.
. Push your body to the limit if you really want to see gains in testosterone. The more stress you can put on your muscles the more your body is going to respond to producing testosterone.
. Train the big parts of your body especially your legs and thighs. Training areas like the thighs and legs can actually stimulate growth in your arms, chest and back because of the amount of testosterone the body produces from training these areas.
. Increase your consumption of foods with mono saturated fats and essentially fatty acids (EFA). Foods such as Peanuts, fish, avocados and healthy oils can be the extra boost you need to successfully boost levels of testosterone.
. Reduce your intake on Alcohol and stop the binge drinking. Research has shown that Alcohol can have a remarkable effect on your testosterone levels. This is because the Alcohol is broken down in the testes which means it cuts off testosterone production.
. Avoid the Soy foods if possible. Soy is known to raise the levels of estrogens in your body (A female hormone) which will reduce testosterone levels.
. When your mum said eat your broccoli she was beings serious! Eating cruciferous vegetables has shown to dramatically reduce estrogens levels hence increasing testosterone levels.
.Increasing your sexual activity causes the body produce oxytocin which increases feel good chemicals called endorphins. This is a feel good chemical that also raises testosterone levels.
. Keep a check of your stress levels. Having elevated levels of stress causes your body to produce cortisol an extremely catabolic hormone which seriously affects testosterone levels and overall happiness. The best way to help you with this is to, exercise often and get enough sleep, which both help testosterone levels considerably.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

What is the worst thing that ages skin…? Read below to find out!

Its one thing many people try to avoid, its peoples treasure and some people despise it, it’s…. sugar. Ahead of sun exposure, sugar is the worst offender of ageing skin, simply due to its effects on the chemical insulin. Insulin is called for use when the body realises that it has too much sugar and initiates its storage. The first form of storage is Glycogen storage in the liver and muscles, using it for later if necessary (flight or fight response).

The reason sugar makes your skin age is because it attaches itself to proteins in the collagen, this causes the collagen to fit together and become stiff and inflexible leading to wrinkling skin. Many scientists have also stated that it leaves the skin even further to exposure from the sun. So watch your intake especially if your out in the sun, your skin won’t thank you for it.

What is the biggest offender then?
Well it’s simply sugar in its liquid form; yes you guess it all that Orange Juice and Pepsi have been doing you no good. Recently a report came out that the average American diet consists 33% of sugar! So 1/3 of Americans gets no nutritional benefits, while ageing their skin.

What you can do to deter the effects!

Cinnamonresearch has shown cinnamon has beneficial effects when it comes to sugar. It can reduce blood sugar levels while also lowering blood sugar levels. 20 days after will even see you with useful effects from the cinnamon.

Omega 3 Oils – It can improve cellular circulation by making the membrane more fluid, which increases receptor sensitivity, which means insulin can work more efficiently.

Exercise – Regular activity of resistance training has been shown to be better than aerobic training in bringing down insulin levels and increasing insulin sensitivity, which means, it can break down the sugar better and make your skin healthier.

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