Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Simple Tips to Healthily Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced in the testes by males and ovaries in women; it’s responsible for the development for sexual secondary characteristics. There are many benefits of having higher testosterone levels.
- Increased Muscle Mass and Strength
- Improved Sex Drive and Sexual Endurance
- Decreased Body Fat Levels
- Improved Mood
- Lower Levels of ‘Bad’ Cholesterol Levels

Below are some simple steps to see the benefits:
. Make Sure You get enough sleep at night. Not enough sleep leads to increased cortisol levels which lower testosterone levels and bring about negative effects.
. Compound exercises are extremely productive in increasing testosterone levels. These are the very simple exercises such as Squats, Dead lifts, Chin ups, military presses and bench presses. These types of exercises will put your body under the largest amount of stress and uses some of the largest muscles groups, thereby telling the body to increase testosterone production.
. Push your body to the limit if you really want to see gains in testosterone. The more stress you can put on your muscles the more your body is going to respond to producing testosterone.
. Train the big parts of your body especially your legs and thighs. Training areas like the thighs and legs can actually stimulate growth in your arms, chest and back because of the amount of testosterone the body produces from training these areas.
. Increase your consumption of foods with mono saturated fats and essentially fatty acids (EFA). Foods such as Peanuts, fish, avocados and healthy oils can be the extra boost you need to successfully boost levels of testosterone.
. Reduce your intake on Alcohol and stop the binge drinking. Research has shown that Alcohol can have a remarkable effect on your testosterone levels. This is because the Alcohol is broken down in the testes which means it cuts off testosterone production.
. Avoid the Soy foods if possible. Soy is known to raise the levels of estrogens in your body (A female hormone) which will reduce testosterone levels.
. When your mum said eat your broccoli she was beings serious! Eating cruciferous vegetables has shown to dramatically reduce estrogens levels hence increasing testosterone levels.
.Increasing your sexual activity causes the body produce oxytocin which increases feel good chemicals called endorphins. This is a feel good chemical that also raises testosterone levels.
. Keep a check of your stress levels. Having elevated levels of stress causes your body to produce cortisol an extremely catabolic hormone which seriously affects testosterone levels and overall happiness. The best way to help you with this is to, exercise often and get enough sleep, which both help testosterone levels considerably.

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