Saturday, 9 January 2010

What is the worst thing that ages skin…? Read below to find out!

Its one thing many people try to avoid, its peoples treasure and some people despise it, it’s…. sugar. Ahead of sun exposure, sugar is the worst offender of ageing skin, simply due to its effects on the chemical insulin. Insulin is called for use when the body realises that it has too much sugar and initiates its storage. The first form of storage is Glycogen storage in the liver and muscles, using it for later if necessary (flight or fight response).

The reason sugar makes your skin age is because it attaches itself to proteins in the collagen, this causes the collagen to fit together and become stiff and inflexible leading to wrinkling skin. Many scientists have also stated that it leaves the skin even further to exposure from the sun. So watch your intake especially if your out in the sun, your skin won’t thank you for it.

What is the biggest offender then?
Well it’s simply sugar in its liquid form; yes you guess it all that Orange Juice and Pepsi have been doing you no good. Recently a report came out that the average American diet consists 33% of sugar! So 1/3 of Americans gets no nutritional benefits, while ageing their skin.

What you can do to deter the effects!

Cinnamonresearch has shown cinnamon has beneficial effects when it comes to sugar. It can reduce blood sugar levels while also lowering blood sugar levels. 20 days after will even see you with useful effects from the cinnamon.

Omega 3 Oils – It can improve cellular circulation by making the membrane more fluid, which increases receptor sensitivity, which means insulin can work more efficiently.

Exercise – Regular activity of resistance training has been shown to be better than aerobic training in bringing down insulin levels and increasing insulin sensitivity, which means, it can break down the sugar better and make your skin healthier.

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1 comment:

  1. what I got out of this is that all I have to do is add cinnamon to the evil yummy goodness that I am addicted to, and I am good? lol I'm j/k.

    I knew the omega 3s would come in handy for something--my MIL told me to take them (and since I do everything people tell me to do) and so I do now :)

    In all seriousness, thank you for posting this to my blog! I really struggle with sugar. I really REALLY struggle with it. I cut out the soda (I only drink diet anyway--but those chemicals can't be any better for us) and my skin is beautimus so I am surprised that my skin isn't aged with all the sugar I and I also exercise regularly (I haven't always been fat) i am starting to see myself defending sugar again, and finding ways to justify having it (skin is good, take the omegas, exercise, yadda yadda). oye. stupid sugar. It really is evil :(.