Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sucessfully Flirt Over Facebook.

Notice her type of…Profile Picture

When you look at a girls profile picture you probably don’t think deeply about why she has chosen that specific one. The fact is that it actually tells you what she is looking for in a male. If she has a picture showing her with friends in bars, clubs going out etc it demonstrates she wants to prove she has an interesting and healthy social life. The wisest form of conversation then would be to ask her about hobbies, her friends and what she has planned on the weekend.

On the other hand if she has a really lustrous, clearly posed shot then watch what you wear as you can tell she takes a lot of time to look good and will expect you to as well. If her profile picture is meant to be funny with her pulling a funny face or doing something stupid then she will look for someone with a good personality and a sense of humour.

Read her…Status Updates

A status that updates where she has been, when and with whom in ever minor detail then choose where to meet very carefully. Picking a peculiar location for your date will give her the excitement she desires even if it’s so she can tell everyone about it later.

Spy on…Personal Information

Always check how much information she is willing to give out about herself. If she has hardly any at all she wants to keep things to herself and will be guarded. So don’t ask personal questions as it will only make her withdraw further and will create an uncomfortable atmosphere. With these girls they may ask questions to relieve their own anxiety, but don’t fall into the trap of not asking your own, this will make her assume you are uninterested.

Avoid…Text Language

When you use abbreviations and poor grammar in your conversation you are basically saying you are too busy or too lazy to type properly. Using proper grammar is vital as it gives you the conscious impression you are being courteous and polite. Even if she doesn’t still make sure you do, it will show you care.

Friends in… Photos

A photo album that shows her with attractive friends shows she is confident and secure about her looks and will know that. Beware though, if she has un-tagged herself in bad photos or ones with better looking females it may mean she has a less secure body image. This will indicate she won’t appreciate you looking at pretty women in bars or even having a conversation as it will make her feel threatened.

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