Saturday, 5 December 2009

Tips on How to End a Relationship.

You have tried so hard to keep it going but as heart-breaking it is, you know it won’t work. Now there is no time to waste and you need to get to the point. This may be especially hard for some people to do, when you have loved them and had big dreams with them. Just try and take some courage to follow these steps.

Be 100% Certain and Don’t go Back.

When ending a serious relationship it should only even be considered when you are 100% confident it’s what you want. One of the biggest and hardest mistakes to overcome is leaving someone then giving out the wrong messages. Getting back together almost never works as there was a good reason for it, and you may have forgotten its influence on your decision. It will lead to an on and off relationship which is unfair and cruel on the both of you.

Where Should it be Done?

The best possible places to end a relationship are where you can leave. An ideal place would be her place or a quiet spot at the park. This is especially important if tears and anger are going to be involved. This is so all of your attention is focused on her and there are no distractions, including the radio, tv and any sounds etc or even women.

What you should say?

When you are in a quiet place at hers or the park etc, don’t start with small talk to postpone what is eventually going to happen. Stay calm and get straight to the point, while being clear and concise. You should then expect her to be shocked, surprised, emotional and maybe even aggressive. Don’t expect logical answers especially when this is an emotional conversation and should be taken very softly.

What you must avoid?

The number one thing you must beware of, is listing bad things about her and why she ruined the relationship. Even if its true forget it, it will turn into a nasty argument where both of you will be biting at each others necks. Another one is to not mention anyone else and tell the truth no matter what. Don’t take some rubbish out of movies and start saying “Its not you it’s me” that wont work. A much more effective method at soothing the tense atmosphere is to blame it on outside factors and never use self blame or personal reasons. Try to avoid contact with her at all costs this will spark a lot of confusion and unnecessary rethinking.

As a final note you should try and visualise the best you can how you want the meeting to go. You should want it to be fast, clear and for her to understand the situation calmly. Best of Luck.

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