Tuesday, 29 December 2009

You CAN do it! The Power of Positive Thinking

We all get bogged down with our daily Stress and activities but thinking positively is a way to minimise these threats and keep us in good health. It’s true that scientific research has found that people who are most positive recover from surgery faster and suffer less pain when they are ill. This can be true for many situations and roles of life. Try these tips to give yourself a positive outlook on life.
1. Know you are Successful
When you have good feelings about yourself, don’t let negative thoughts come across and ruin it. Try and embrace all you can and believe that you are successful at what you do and what you plan to do. Everyone is successful at something in one way or another, just have belief in yourself.
2. Look at the Solutions, Not Problems
When you have done something wrong or badly don’t look for excuses, these will cause you to make more mistakes as you continually blame it on outlying events or circumstances. Instead look at how you can solve this and really use your imagination; you’ll be surprised at what you can think of.
3. Go ahead reward yourself
Completing even a small task will give you positive energy; every great idea starts with one small step. Experiencing results builds trust in yourself and will give you a further positive outlook on life. Every time you do a task reward yourself with a chocolate or anything that motivates you, this may well be a reason to carry on.
4. Intentionally Speak Positively
Try and remove any negative thinking you have about events in the past and present and move towards a more constructional point of view. Look at what you have learnt from the event and try and correct it. For example losing a client may seem quite bad at first but it will free up time to potentially find a bigger one and you could be more motivated.
5. Change Where you are to Change What You DO.
People get accustomed to similar places and so develop similar habits associated with that environment. Try to move to a new place even if it’s just another room, like a study room or maybe even the local coffee shop. It will spark new ideas and bring about a new creativity and outlook on your work and challenges. It will help you think more clearly and remove any negativity associated with your old working spot.

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